Looking out from the CCCS

Vivid Projects

The Looking out from the CCCS season at Vivid Projects dealt with the impact and legacy of the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies, a Birmingham University Department led by Richard Hoggart, Stuart Hall and Richard Johnson from 1962 until its closure in 2002. As part of the project I spent a day in the archives of Homer Creative with Vivid Projects’ director Yasmeen Baig Clifford, negotiating the history of radical publishing in Birmingham through back issues of Grapevine, Broadside and Ten 8. Both the subject matter and style of the artwork found in these magazines seemed startlingly relevant, and formed the basis for the flyer/poster produced to support the season. The headline ‘Still A Lot To Learn’ was taken from one of the original articles, but seemed an appropriate response to the incomplete legacy of the CCCS.

Aesthetica Magazine review of Looking out from the CCCS.

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