Noise & Nostalgia

A2, folding to A5
Vivid Projects

A mammoth season, taking in the whole of the BFI’s This Is Now season of screenings, along with specially commissioned artworks and films from Vivid Projects’ own archive, Noise & Nostalgia explores the post-punk period in moving image and culture.

It’s a period of time and an aesthetic that I’m really interested in, with all the energy of punk but with more experimentation and a much greater degree of sophistication. I wanted to tap into that, without producing something that felt like an overt pastiche. Collage played a big part in the videos I watched and seemed a useful starting point.

The headline ‘Don’t just hope for a better life’ comes from a 1979 election poster, the whole of which forms the backdrop of the poster. Thatcher’s premiership is the defining feature of the period, but the phrase also seemed to have a nice ambiguity to it when taken out of context – it could just as easily refer to the DIY approach of the artists in the show. Other elements include graphics from John Maybury’s The Court of Miracles (Revenge by Reality!, Tokyorama and The Empire of Signs – the latter itself a quotation from Roland Barthes), 1980s portraits of Margaret Thatcher and Richard Branson and the ‘Home Taping is Killing Music’ logo, possibly the first logo I was ever aware of.

Overlaid throughout are marks created by writing directly onto my laptop and simplifying the paths until they became illegible – the marks somehow retaining the informality of the handwriting I’ve used prominently in previous Vivid Projects designs. The headline typography is set in Swiss Typefaces’ Sang Bleu King with additional letters made from Futura punctuation marks.

Print by Emmerson Press.

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