2015 – 2016 Season Print

Various formats
Birmingham Contemporary Music Group

Birmingham Contemporary Music Group is a small, but influential new music organisation based at CBSO Centre, responsible for commissioning over 160 new compositions over its 25 years of existence.

The imagery for each season needs to work in a lot of different settings, so I’ve approached it as a selection of pieces which can be combined in different ways. Tim from BCMG suggested using sound waves, which I was initially sceptical of, feeling like it was something I’d seen before. Removing ambiguities and converting to specifics, as the Oblique Strategy has it, led somewhere much more interesting, with software used to visualise the waveforms of specific pieces of music by the composers featured in this season. In theory the whole process could be reverse engineered, enabling you to ‘play’ the cover using the same software, though sadly the amount of noise generated during the process makes it a little too difficult in practice.

The season is also the last for Stephen and Jackie Newbould, founding members in 1987, and most recently BCMG’s Artistic Director and Executive Producer. They’ll be much missed.

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